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Business Plans That Work -- Start With An APPROVED Complete MLM Plan



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Most Lawyers, CPA’s and Biz Plan Consultants charge $10,000 - $20,000 to write a full 60-70 page Business Plan...  And, they DON’T have the knowledge, basics, or graphics to do a competitive complete business plan for Home Party Plans, MLM or Internet Affiliate programs! They can only come up with a losing Business Plan that costs you time and heartbreak. The easiest-best money from your “Angel Investors” is almost certain to be lost.


Most MLM – Party Plan related business plans fail because people don’t know what to put in them. You need to start with a working TEMPLATE Reg 504D approved (to raise money under a million) plan. If you don’t, you have lost credibility if your potential investor knows what the format and structure should be of a LEGAL business plan. If you don’t have the facts and figures and the wording to do a MLM – Network Marketing successful business plan, OUCH! For example how do you figure growth of an MLM company so that it is realistic? How about automated spread sheets? Wow!


You Also Get A Power Point “Raise Money” Presentation Slide Show! A good presentation is the second thing to getting money. This presentation is full of facts to promote your Party Plan, MLM or Affiliate Marketing Project. It is the “Automatic Closer” to raising money.


Your Kit Includes: A complete MLM – Network Marketing Reg 504D business plan that is used for raising up to 1 million dollars without hassles. Plus you get 10 other examples of MLM business plans fully done (MLM Internet, bricks and mortar, credit cards, & etc). The kit also includes Excel spread sheets for Performa’s. The MLM spreadsheets are fully automated so that you can do “what if projections” for different costs of goods sold and compensation plan pay outs. If someone else does your BP tell them to buy this to get the right info!  You get strong examples such as: the Oracle of Omaha, the world’s second richest man, bought an MLM company! Warren Buffet started a rush when he paid 1.5 billion for a Party Plan Company in 2002... You need hard to find details like that for investors (and you get several)! You also need stock prices of MLM public companies and wealth accretion from them. CD ROMs in the Kit With Demo Business Plan:








BOOK – Printed Copy of Business plan.  Read this book and automatically get “the idea machine” in your head flowing.  It turns a the inside secrets of MLM – Network Marketing companies and their operations from mystery to facts!  Top Distributors have bought it just to find out how the inside of an MLM Company works!


CD-ROM #1: Simple easy to use instructions for the Kit in MS Word, With a great Legal Business Plan ready for you to whip in changes, as well as automated MLM company spreadsheets, current pictures, great MLM graphs and subscription forms for investors.  It doesn’t get any easier than this!


CD-ROM #2 You get 12 more Biz Plans plus two Executive “Angel” Summaries!  Included are additional MLM business plans on different subjects for “a swipe file” to take different examples out of.  Internet MLM, Internet Affiliate, credit card, telephone, hybrid companies, bricks and mortar companies, this,  plus many more all with multiple levels of pay.


CD- ROM #3 You get extra colored graphs, charts, pictures, and stock quotes and the secret of how to do color BP’s cheap with a big impact (doubles your chance of getting money) while keeping the cost per copy down.


CD-ROM #4 If you want, Registration materials for your Business Plan details of registration under SCOR Reg 504D for small and startup businesses.  This “shortcut” registration makes it easy to get registered!  This takes the mystery out of registration.  Do it yourself saves paying a lawyer $10,000 for registration!


This is NOT Skimpy..... Biz Plan In MS Word! Full MLM charts, MLM wording, MLM graphs and MLM spreadsheets are thereThe MLM Business Plan Kit is not overwhelming either.  It is done in an easy to understand style!


This Kit provides a quick chassis for you to change the lead MLM Business Plan (or any of the others) to come up with your own customized business plan for your company quickly. This package includes one hour of consulting on the business plan instruction and insights.   You can do it yourself!


From Rich Marino, Las Vegas.

This Business Plan kit was astounding!  My financial “Angel” helping me find money was a graduate of Wharton School Of Business and was impressed by the details of the Business Plan Kit and how practical it was.  The BP kit proved to be a “GREAT” automatic seller of my ideas.  Plus I learned how an MLM company works from the inside!



The Business Plan Kit Doesn’t Take A Computer or Accounting Expert! The Excel spreadsheets are set up and automated; it will take a little basic knowledge of Excel Spread Sheets to use them (find a college student!). The basics of this package have resulted in millions in investment funding. The lead MLM Business (and most of the others) plan ends up around 50 or more pages with the spreadsheets for the Performa. The 12 extra BP’s? Cut and paste things you like to Your business plan (or use them like they are)!


Do want an Accountant to FINISH your Business Plan - FREE?  If they search for a year they will never find all the supporting graphs, charts and information to make a good business plan!  Buy this MLM Business Plan kit...  first and then haggle them down from their $10,000 or $20,000 fee to FREE!  HOW?  Offer them stock and get it done for free!  Why? Most of the work (90%) is done!


Plus you can use some of this information to put in your printed material or company website to excite your distributor force!   Dual use – double the bang for your dollar!  Some would say the kit is worth that alone!  Plus you get “Recruiting Power:”


Top MLM Hitters love the Business Plan information and insights it gives them for Recruiting Power!


From Karen Justice (MLM Barracuda in Bunny Slippers), Florida

The Business Plan Kit was a Godsend to me!  I used the information in it to rip apart the recruiting competition.  It has probably helped me recruit over 5 top leaders (worth a 1000 downline) from other companies.  Why?  I know how the inside of their company works better than they do!  I find out the little complaints they have about their company – then tell them why! 




Even if you are not starting a company, the insights you may get, could double your MLM income.



Don't forget that this is a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE Business Plan Kit!  Life is simple if you don't like it! Send it back to us!



Party Plan, MLM, Net Work Marketing, or Internet Affiliate Models Business Plan with Excel spreadsheets plus Charts, Graphs and MLM Facts To Get Money!