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Our Guarantee & Pictures & Phones

We give a money back guarantee of satisfaction for products (see exception) we sell online.

Return the product in resalable condition within thirty (30) days if you are not satisfied, and we will refund your money minus the restocking fee of 10% of the order.  There are no refunds on shipping charges.  No returns accepted unless you have called and requested a “RMA” (Return Merchandise Authorization) number from Marcie Cook or Margie Ostrander at 210.495.1201.

EXCEPTION:  There will be no refunds given for CD-ROM items Products 3001, 3002 & 3003. Why?  Too easy to copy steal the material and return the kit.  If you have questions about the Business Plan and Marketing Promotion products that are 70% CD's... Call first!


Before you order there is one stipulation to our guarantee, that you return the book(s) within 30 days. There is a 10% restocking fee and no there is not a refund on shipping either way!    

A little bit of bragging here! After 10 years of shipping our products, we had one book returned! The fool tore the pages out so he copy it (there is dishonesty in all businesses, I guess) and then sent the pages back! In general though, most folks are so overwhelmed by what they get that they become our friends for life.


The reason America's MLM Consultants was born was to help people. There is such carnage out there from good folks trying to start a company without enough basic knowledge. Sadly many have been financially injured for life. The industry has been good to us. We are so brutally honest it often "blows people's minds" when they get to us. As the MLM Industry WatchDog, we consider it ethically imperative to improve the industry by spreading the truth and keeping people from making mistakes.


One of the great things that happens is we make a lot of friends as we travel the world helping by consulting. We also enjoy spreading the good gospel of legal and fair Net Work Marketing truth.

Oh, by the way, we don't believe in hiding behind the Internet as some folks do. We include our pictures and phones all over the site so you know with whom you are dealing! If you look at "MLM Detective" investigations on you will find out NO PICTURES - NO PHONES = RUN!

We are the "good guys" (and girls) here to help.

Thanks :>)

Marcie Cook
Director of Operations

210-495-1201 Phone
210-547-7770 Fax

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