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MLM LAW - Network Marketing State
and Federal Laws

A complete book to understanding the maze of 50 State MLM laws, Federal regulations, MLM Federal case law and how they got there. An absolute must for anyone that plans to be "MLM legal" and stay in the MLM industry.  Legal MLM Compensation Pay Plans are getting harder to maintain without the proper tools.

By Rod Cook Bs., M.A., M.B.A.

A critical book today with the new MLM Compensation Plan requirements by both Federal and State regulatory that use statutory and precedent law to file cases against MLM - Network Marketing Companies that have "bad" MLM Compensation Pay Plans and policies.

Hard hitting MLM Law facts with the inside story of who, what, where, and when with some humor thrown in! Also some blasts at the "odd creation" of some of the MLM laws you will see included in this book. If there were an MLM Company Life Test on MLM Law or desk reference on MLM law, this is the one book you would want to have!  Over 100 Attorneys that work for MLM - Network Marketing companies have bought this book.

Other MLM Specialist Lawyers use this book for research because it saves time and effort for research methodology!

This Big Book includes MLM rules and MLM actions from the Federal Trade Commission, Securities and Exchange Commission, plus postal and other federal authorities. This MLM Law book presents an organized evolvement of the complicated MLM legal system that we have today.

MLM Lawyer Book

These 140+ (8 1/2" x 11") big pages (this equals almost 300 pages at regular book size) can give you and your local lawyer some "MLM Law" knowledge of what you are up against across the United States with MLM law statutes from each state (plus some territories).

Listed are  State Attorneys Generals, including their phone numbers and addresses. In some cases, the phone of MLM regulators (who apply MLM Law) and their staff that handle MLM Law enforcement.

There is some shocking MLM history about  MLM laws evolved. There are interviews with people (like Glenn Turner) who created some historical MLM pyramid Law cases. There are some interesting MLM Law court cases included to give you knowledge in some areas so you don't get ambushed. We have wrotr some full pages of information, not to give legal advice but rather to present historical MLM information. To know history is to control the future. 

There is a full reference list of MLM Attorneys who are specialists in MLM Law for reference and contact.

This is not to be substituted for an MLM specialist lawyer. Although the laws in the book (over 140 pages) are as up-to-date as possible, the laws concerning MLM-NetWork Marketing change by court decisions (MLM case law) and other rulings. Retails at $79 by itself. If you buy it with The MLM Startup Book, your price is $210 for both.

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Disclaimer: This MLM Law book has been reviewed by MLM Specialty lawyers. Rod Cook doesn't pretend to be an MLM Attorney nor does he practice MLM Law under any circumstances. He acts only as an MLM Top Consultant who designs legal MLM Compensation Pay Plans that he asks MLM Specialty Lawyers to review. The purpose of the MLM Law Book when it started was to record MLM history. Since MLM law is so critical to history both MLM law and history were combined into one big book! However the majority slant of the book is MLM Law

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