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mlm consultant Expert Network Marketing
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You will love this I guarantee it! ......Rod Cook

44 Day Executive “Boost” Camp

Your Powerful 44+ Day Consulting And Training Program For New Company Startup MLM Executives

or MLM Company Executives needing Turn Around Expertise!


 We meet for extensive intense step by step Executive Training

Intense one-on-one (you and two of your staff) expert consulting and secret strategy sessions with America's top MLM Consultants gives you MLM "Market Power & Savvy"



High net-worth real estate magnets nationwide have crowned Donna Bauer the undisputed leading “Mortgage Note Buyer” in the industry. Make no mistake; her name carries a lot of clout. Donna has critical things you need to hear!


Click play button to hear Donna


Hi, Rod!

You’re the man! Thank you so much for referring a leader like Nick to us. He is awesome! He will be perfect to help grow our company. What a wonderful young man. I was so happy to meet him. We have saved a special spot for him in the comp plan. This will be win-win all the way around. Can you believe that within a week of talking to him, I was going to Connecticut to speak at the very real estate investors meeting that he was going to?

So thank you. Thank you. Thank you!!!!!


How to Report for Duty
Two weeks minimum prior to your arrival, we receive your 70% deposit. We exchange non-disclosure agreements. We gladly honor yours. We ask you to sign ours because we do not want our competitors to attain knowledge of our secret marketing strategies and tools. The deposit and non-disclosure exchange puts us into action on your new startup (or regeneration of a floppy company). That generates the following activities on our end as follows: (1) We send you Rod Cook’s complete MLM book library for you to start reading as background, including the startup book and law book sold on this website, (2) Our team members stay in touch to collect information from you on your desires, dreams and intent for your new company (3) Frequent phone calls will clarify the smallest details that may benefit your company and will aid in preparing your branding, compensation pay plan, strategic marketing plans, tactical marketing plans and marketing copy (plus much more).

Count Down

Five days before you arrive our staff will finalize your company's competition beating MLM or Party Plan pay plan, strategic marketing, tactical marketing, structure and operations. This includes compensation plan designs, terms of agreement, policies and procedures, marketing strategy and other material in preparation for your arrival.


You and one (or two) additional colleagues then fly into San Antonio for three days of action packed consulting. Through years of experience we have found that bright entrepreneurs like yourself get bored by slow moving classroom type lectures. We stay dynamic and moving. This is done in a study group atmosphere which can be considered a co-operative work group led by Master Consultant Rod Cook and Marcie Cook. No questions barred. Our San Antonio office provides us access to our computer bank for doing test runs on marketing strategies and compensation plans. At the end of day three, you have a clear path and the tools you need to start and grow your company. You get the benefit of working alongside a Master Consultant with almost 40 years of experience. You are able to ask unlimited questions as we teach and work. It is serious work, but we find time to laugh while you learn. You leave 30 feet tall, educated, armor plated and ready to win the MLM Marketing wars.

For Party Plans, it’s four days of consulting with the fourth day taught by our partner Sandy Elsberg, the world’s most competent Party Plan trainer. Sandy is known as one of the world's top MLM – Party Plan trainers. She is flown world wide to speak and train for major companies. She commands $20,000 per training day because she gets results!You receive one day of private consulting with Sandy as part of your executive boot camp package.

What to Expect

       Day One: branding, executive training, executive armor plating, competitive marketing tools, presentation of new pay plan, compensation pay plan training and development (including secret legal tricks). All together 23 subsections!

         Day Two: presentation of computer analysis of the MLM - Party Plan pay plan we worked on the day before.  Tricks to keeping costs down, policies & procedures, terms of agreement, strategic marketing with customized secrets for your company to get the biggest bang for the buck. SOCIAL MEDIA TRICKS AND CHEAT SHEETS TO CONQUER THIS NEW FRONTIER All together 32 subsections

       Day Three:tactical marketing, back to branding including MLM killer ad copy – A final review and prioritization of all activities on your preflight check list and how to implement them at the lowest cost. All together 21 subsections.

        Other things we do during our training meetings:  We try our best (95% of the time) to bring in a top MLM or Party Plan "hitter" (top builders) to give you an unbiased (we don't coach them) opinion of what we are doing.  If you don't know any hitters, it is a great experience for you.  You can try to recruit them for practice!

         Day Four for Party Plans only: Party Plan training with us and Sandy Elsberg to increase your Party Plan sales volume with on the street marketing tactics. How you, as an executive, can... increase your sales volume with common sense secret tricks that companies overlook. This is also certainly an option if you are not a Party Plan company and want Sandy’s superb knowledge on top of our market winning superb training. Sandy’s subsections are limitless, you will be so excited that you can expect to get writers cramp!

         Follow up for 30 days after we meet to implement your personal strategic and tactical marketing plans. All calls are answered within 24 hours – guaranteed!  Yes, you can keep us on a continuing month by month retainer for a nominal amount based on performance = your market growth!

       Question? Who comes to our training sessions?  The executives above were sent by billionaire Ken Brailsford, co-founder of Natures Sunshine, and founder of Enrich, a $500 million a year MLM Company which is now part of Unicity.  AMC trains MLM industry executive professionals and neophytes both.  We do an excellent job for all. Why?  We want winners!  The company we are working on here was Zija.


An enjoyable experience for both of us!   Do you know what?   After everyone of our clients was done with their training and work sessions, they agreed, "WONDERFUL."  They thanked us for providing top notch consulting at a reasonable price!  Why no price schedule on this website?  Because every job is different.  We don't copy and paste like some of our competitors.  Every Network Marketing (Party Plan too) compensation pay plan has to be matched to the product and the marketing methods.  What worked last year may not be working now.  We have a constant flow of "turn around" work for MLM companies that don't know why they didn't flourish.  It is part of the old story, "they don't know what they don't know?"  Back to pricing... we deliver competitive consulting at rates that make our competitors "shake."  What do we produce?  Winners!

Review of What you Get With Your Executive Training Package!

You get these when you walk in the door!  Some are all used as training background material, tools or actionable items in our Executive Training course.  They are all essential actually to the operation and a success of  your company.  These are in addition to your large work binders that we will use for direct executive training.  You will need to maintain all below for reference books in your library! 

 “How To Start Your Network Marketing, Modern Party Plan or Internet Affiliate Company!” = $169.

Our "Big Illustrated Book of MLM Compensation Pay Plans"  = $17.95.

Our "MLM Law Book" that covers state laws in the U.S. with editorial overviews = $79.

Our "How To Ethically Defeat Your Competition - Power and Prestige builder" = $495.

Our "Business Plan Kit" if you need guidance or more financing to explode your company = $495.

Our "Masters Bundle" of great MLM books to study and build your executive knowledge = $150

Our CD Roms of "Job Descriptions, Contracts and Forms"  - Essential = $149.

The MLM WatchDog an Annual subscription = $39.



Why our Executive Boost Camp training plus this $1500+ package = winners!

We are in the MLM - Party Plan consulting business to produce winners.  Some people talk, we do!  We give you a full arsenal of tools.  No fooling around!  We give you our heart, mind and soul in our face to face work with you.  Then we send you back with heavy ammunition for booming your company!

Rod & Marcie

plus the rest of your team

Tony, the computer guru; Margie, your Personal Assistant; and Mattia your webmaster!

 We look forward to working with you

Rod & Marcie Cook



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